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MediaClone is a re-seller of a few cellphone applications. The majority of the Cellphone application can be installed on the SuperImager products (on the Windows side) and allows the user to capture and analyze data from multiple cellphones simultaneously using the SuperImager high performances hardware.

· The new SuperImager application supports simultaneous and independent Multiple Data Extraction Sessions from many different kinds of cellphones
· Supports iPhone and Android cellphones
· Fast Logical Extraction of files and folders
· The application is easy to use with touchscreen icons

· Dedicated 8 USB3.1 Ports with maximum bandwidth
· Enhance data extractions performances with a robust hardware using i7-8700k Intel CPU

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Oxygen Cellphone Forensic Complete Suit- Cellphone Data Extraction and Analysis
Paraben's DS 7 supports logical, physical, & file system
acquisitions, as well as password bypassing from over 24,000 device