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PhoneLog Call Detail Records Analysis Software - CDR Analysis

Phone Call Detail Records Analysis Software, CDR Analysis

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PhoneLog - Call Detail Records Analysis Application Call Detail Records Analysis - Cellular provider stored log files

Product Code: CDR-0001-00A
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PhoneLog is the most elaborate and intuitive solution for Call Detail Records Analysis software available on the market today. PhoneLog is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that perform quick, automated, and comprehensive data analyses and, among other functions, correlates phone numbers, tracks BTS cell traffic, accesses IMSI and IMEI logs.The product is easy to use and ideal for technical and non-technical users alike. Phone Log has developed a comprehensive, simple, and interactive graphic tool to analyze and present data while conducting faster analyses that shows results in an easy and understandable way. Today "Suspect" cellphone's data become harder and very difficult to "crack". Obtaining information via different means like CDR can help the investigator to connect the “Suspect” to crime scene, or to connect the “Suspect” cellphone to network of partners to crime. It helps to track suspects movements, behaviors, spend most of their time, with whom they talk and where they spent more time.The PhoneLog application is not web base service, once it purchased, it can be installed an the investigator PC. Investigator can use the application with unlimited number of cases, log records that need to be processed. It save investigator a tremendous amount of time. (A second year application update option is available for purchase).
if you are interested, please email us and ask for a Webinar or demo.
summery of features:
    PhoneLog - the leading in Call Detail Record Analysis Application
  • PhoneLog is a standalone application installed on the investigator's PC and it is not a web base application
  • PhoneLog is software that helps Investigators in a very Complex CDRs Analysis
  • The application generates Forensically Sound reports
  • Forensic Investigator can perform a quick preview of the CDR databases
  • The application has the ability to have a Time Zone selection to work with CDRs from different countries
  • The application is very simple and easy to use even for for a non-technical user
  • The application is built in with great visualization. Online/Offline maps, Point and Click to find more information
  • Optional yearly application updates(with additional purchase)
  • The application can process unlimited number phone log records

    • PhoneLog Main Features:
    • Strong Import/Parsing Capabilities: Forensic investigators can import CDR from many sources with different data structures. Investigator can also create their own importer to analyze other kinds of data by using the specific GUI
    • Drag and drop to load files
    • Extensive Import Capabilities: Investigators can imports logs from UFED (Cellebrite Forensic Cellphone Extraction application) reports, from other mobile device extractions application, and from SecurCube’s BTS Tracker hardware device (GPS-BTS log correlation and transmission cell tower coverage measurement)
    • Integration with Maps: It is a great visualization application with integration of maps online and offline
    • Tracking User Movements: Investigators can track the movements of a specific “Suspect” or several “Suspects” and identify unique behaviors, such as those of stalkers, pursuers, or accomplices
    • Performs extremely fast searches, with simple to use interfaces that are operated by simply dragging search criteria
    • Analysis and display additional information about the “Suspect “use of the cellphone
    • Performs advanced searches and generates comprehensive results full of details for technical users
    • Uncovers the relationship among users, phones, cells, and even different crimes
    • Generates simple user profiles, very fast analyses, and intuitive graphical visualization about the “Suspect’s details,“ including:
    • Daily routine areas, Most contacted users/phones,Used and called phones, Used SIMs, Contacted areas, Used carriers, Users/IMEI correlation, Unconventional user/IMSI/IMEI utilization, Detailed graphical users/IMEI movements, Graphic to overview traffic types

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