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SuperWiper Desktop Pro Economic Standalone Drive Eraser Unit

SuperWiper desktop - heavy duty hard drive eraser and format with at extreme speed, simultaneously, for 8 SAS/SATA-3 HDD and 10 USB3.1 storage devices.
SuperWiper Desktop PRO – A multiple channel drive eraser with Drive diagnostics features and Drive formatting capabilities.

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SuperWiper Desktop Pro is a standalone, industrial, Drive Eraser unit with built in diagnostic features. The unit is extremely fast and secure, built with the latest hardware technology to achieve the most efficient drive erases, performing at a very high speed, with the ability to erase multiple individual drives at the same time. The unit supports many erase protocols and different digital storage devices such as SAS/SATA and USB3.0/3.1. The user can erase 8 SAS/SATA hard disk drives or SSD, and 10 USB3.1 storage devices at the same time. In addition, the user can run Drive Diagnostics (SMART tests) or format the drives.
Our Price: $4,499.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Product Code: SWP-0002-00E-F

Description Technical Specs Extended Information
The SuperWiper® Desktop Pro unit is Economic, standalone drive data eraser with multiple ports and interfaces; enabling the user to erase multiple drives at the same time very efficiently. The unit is industrial and durably built, using a desktop-style, with easy to use touchscreen icons. The unit supports hard disk drives, SSD, and USB Flash drives. The SuperWiper’s main application supports many erase protocols, such as:

1) DoD 5220-22M (ECE) erase specification (with 7 writing passes and one verification pass).
2) DoD Lite 5220-22M (E) erase specification (with 3 writing passes and one verification pass).
3) Security Erase
4) Enhanced Security Erase
5) Sanitize (3 types to be used with SAS SSD).
6) “User” Defined Erase Settings
It is strongly recommended to use Security Erase protocol (if the drive is supporting it). It is the safest and fastest way to completely erase hard drives

Additional operations that are available include erase verification on a drive that was previously erased, Full or Quick Format, HASH a drive, and drive diagnostics. The application supports erase of multiple drives in multiple sessions in simultaneous erase runs.

The SuperWiper Desktop unit is the best seller in the erase products category.
Some quotes from our customers:
"I love your product. I am working on a 4,000 unit drive project, and am using your product and a two 14 bay "Kanguru” drive duplicators with DoD data wipe capabilities. The project requires a DoD wipe and drive re-image. The MediaClone device is far superior, and the “Kanguru” units take 4 times longer, and are not as durable” Joe Katz, Katz Computers.

"I changed the setting on the SuperWiper Desktop application per Ezra recommendation to Security Erase which is making it run a whole lot faster; 2 hours – woohoo!!!" Jenny Parr, Tesla IT Operations.

"We been using the SuperWiper Desktop for quite some time and we are very impressed. It helps us a lot to erase drives, erase verification and saves us a lot of time and monies. The application is very robust and easy to use. The unit’s preforms at a very high speed and has many built-in great features. The Tech support is superb and they are really listening to what we need. They customized the application for us twice, each time in less than 24h! They really know what they doing!" Steve Westcott (NZ management Corp).

“We have searched for few solutions that could help us to destroy our data from retired storage and came across MediaClone SuperWiper solution. I must say, it saved us lots of time erasing individual disks so we have decided to add the Disk Duplicator solution to clone drives. IT Folks love to be able erase data with DoD formatting tool and also provide audit trail for our auditors. Great product and I would highly recommend it.” Les Janeczko Manager, IT Infrastructure Fuzion Analytics.

"The SuperWiper Desktop unit sped up our wiping process substantially. It took me just 2 months to wipe over 100 computers working on it a few days a week. Eric Kawaler SD Analyst I, Deskside Support Service.

"MediaClone's SuperWiper has been a boon to my company's capabilities. This SuperWiper's utility has only been matched by the customer service provided by MediaClone. I have not had to use MediaClone's customer support often because of the SuperWiper's reliability- but when I do I get issue resolution in an expedient and profession manner. 10/10 will recommend to others" JJ Sepulveda, IT Specialist, Infinite, Electronics Recycling.
SuperWiper Gen-2 overview
advance setting
Standalone, Secure, No License Scheme, Economic Drive Eraser, Built with Extreme Performing Hardware, Heavy Duty, Easy to Use, Very Flexible UI. Standalone hardware gives the user consistent performances and is the most secure solution when in combination with Linux OS. No license scheme makes the solution cost-effective. Lifetime free s/w updates and supports. The units run 24/7, 365 days of the year, with no failure.

Application Features:
- Erase Drives using the following Erase Protocols:
- DoD 5220-22M (ECE) erase specification (with 7 writing passes and one pass of verification)
- DoD Lite 5220-22M (E) (3 writing passes and one pass of verification)
- Security Erase Protocol (for SATA drives)
- Enhanced Security Erase Protocol (for SATA drives)
- Sanitize (for SAS SSD – 3 Types)
- “User” Defined its Erase Settings
- Erase Bitlocker encrypted partitions.
- Diagnostics using S.M.A.R.T test and other features

Operation Highlights:
- Hot Pluggable Ports: Each of the unit’s port is hot pluggable. When a session completes, the user can plug another drive and select it to run a new operation.
- Scripting: Easy Scripting can be set and used for a repeat operation.
- Reporting: Detailed logs for drive duplication and drive erase sessions.
- SQL Erase Database: A collection of the erase logs, erase certificates, and drive information.
- Easy export for logs and the database to a USB stick or share it over a network.
- Access/control the unit remotely.

Example of an erase operation, or drive diagnostic: Utilize any of the unit’s ports to plug in a drive and run it in separate sessions. The user can plug 8 drives and 10 USB drives and run 18 erase sessions at the same time!

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