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SuperImager Plus 12" Rugged Forensic Field Unit - 12" Touchscreen color LCD display and SAS/SATA-3 and USB3.0
  • The SuperImager Plus 12” Rugged Forensic Field Unit - is a mobile, rugged, easy to carry an extremely fast Forensic Imaging unit that can serve as a complete Field Computer Forensic Investigation platform. The unit is running under Linux Ubuntu OS and it can perform: Forensic Imaging with 3 HASH value and with full Compression and Encryption, Run Virtual Drive Emulator, View the captured data, Run Cellphone/Tablets data Extraction, Run Forensic data Analysis Data, and more.
  • Some example of the unit’s performances:
    • Complete HASH verification operation with SHA-1 enabled on SSD @ 31GB/min, on WD 1TB Blue @10GB/min
    • Complete Forensic Imaging 1:2 with SHA-1 enabled on 3 SanDisk Extreme II 120GB SSD @ 29GB/Min
    • Forensic Imaging of 1:2 with E01 format with compression level 1 @ 8GB/min (Suspect Drive was full with 50% of random data and the compression rate was 66%)
  • The unit built-in: 12” Touchscreen color LCD display, 4 native SAS/SATA ports in a hard disk drive caddies, 4 native USB3.0 ports, e-SATA port, 2 USB2.0 generic ports,1Gigabit/s Ethernet ports, HDMI port, and audio ports.