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7/15/2018 - SuperImager Plus Linux/SuperCopier/SuperWiper software version 1.8.5 Ubuntu 14 only

Please call tech support if you have Gen-2 units or unit with Ubuntu 16/17 (1.8.21)

Need Help with Export Logs, please click on this link: CopyLogFiles
Need Help Knowing Which Ubuntu installed on your system, please click on this link: UbuntuVersion
Recently the main add on features:
  • NVMe support (97GB/min)
  • Increase SSD diagnostics speed (30GB/min)
  • New Restore Default setting icon
  • Virtual Emulator (in Beta)
  • Enhanced Security Erase mode, Drive diagnostics include S.M.A.R.T. drive tests and read verify
  • Sanitize Erase Mode
  • Script and automation of operation
  • Remote Access

To download the latest software updates, please access MediaClone FTP site with the access information that was provided to you in the product's shipping CD