MediaClone, Inc. software application downloads.

4/25/2015 - SuperImager Windows latest software version
7/15/2018 - SuperImager Plus Linux/SuperCopier/SuperWiper software version 1.8.5 Ubuntu 14 only

Please call tech support if you have Gen-2 units or unit with Ubuntu 16/17 (1.8.21)
(For units with Ubuntu 16/17, there is a Security Erase patch for the kernel, and other packages that need to be updated before updating the latest s/w)

Need Help with Export Logs, please click on this link: CopyLogFiles
Need Help Knowing Which Ubuntu installed on your system, please click on this link: UbuntuVersion
Recently the main add on features:
  • NVMe support (40GB/min)
  • Increase SSD diagnostics speed (30GB/min)
  • New Restore Default setting icon
  • Virtual Emulator (in Beta)
  • Enhanced Security Erase mode, Drive diagnostics include S.M.A.R.T. drive tests and read verify

To download the latest software updates, please access MediaClone FTP site with the access information that was provided to you in the product's shipping CD