11/1/2014 - A quote from Suwandi Chandra on SuperImager 8" Forensic Field unit: “MediaClone is a great tool to have. It delivers speed unmatched by other products in its class."

1/29/2015 - A quote from Berry Huijp on SuperImager 12" Forensic Rugged unit: “The SuperImager 12” unit is a perfect way to combine in field acquisition and a in lab solution! We use the device all the time to performs Forensic Imaging, Cellphone extraction, and Forensic Analysis . It is very fast and easy to use” Berry

2/28/2015- A quote from Joe Katz who used the SuperWiper Desktop unit for long time: "I love your product. I am working on a 4,000 unit drive project and using your product and 2 14 bay Kanguru drive duplicators with DOD data wipe capabilities. The project requires a DOD wipe and drive re-image. The MediaClone device is far superior. Kanguru units take 4 times longer and are not close to the MediaClone SuperWiper build quality. MediaClone is fast, reliable, and built like a tank."

8/16/2015 A quote from Benny Potlog Intel Israel: “The MediaClone SuperCopier Desktop unit works very well. The unit runs very fast in multiple session operations, and it is very easy to use. We have loaded many different kinds of partitions on the source drive, and the Quick Copy mode works very well cloning the source to many targets. The application supports GPT and MBR partitions with scaling and non-scaling, NTFS re-size works with different size targets, and the latest Windows 10 is very well supported”

8/28/2015 "I changed the setting on the SuperWiper Desktop application per Ezra recommendation to Security Erase which is making it run a whole lot faster; 2 hours – woohoo!!!" Jenny Parr.Tesla Helpdesk/Network Services, IT Operations

10/1/2015 "In our Digital Forensics Lab we had everything, but lacked something versatile and multi-role, so we decided to buy a MediaClone SuperImager Field unit. I'm very pleased; it's fast, secure and versatile!" Massimiliano Graziani CFE CIFI ACE CFIP OPSA

1/8/2015 "We have been using the SuperWiper Desktop for quite some time and are very impressed. It helps us significantly to speed up the erase drive process, erase verification process and saves us a lot of time and money. The application is very robust and easy to use. The unit preforms at a very high speed and has many built-in great features. The Tech support is superb and they are really listening to what we need. They have customized the application for us twice, each time in less than 24h! They really know what they are doing!” Steve W (NZ)

12/14/2015 "For our purposes, being able to sanitize many drives swiftly is a serious need. We looked into several devices but they were usually made for single purposes that didn't match what we were looking for. The MediaClone SuperCopier has allowed us to speed up cleansing drives dramatically as well as clone drives. It's flexible and allows for many operations simultaneously. In the rare event of any issues, we have always received prompt support from MediaClone. The SuperCopier is very well constructed, simple to use, and reliable." Warren Smite Prosoftnet Calabasas, CA

2/3/2016 “We have searched for few solutions that could help us to destroy our data from retired storage and came across MediaClone SuperWiper solution. I must say, it saved us lots of time erasing individual disks so we have decided to add the Disk Duplicator solution to clone drives. IT Folks love to be able erase data with DoD formatting tool and also provide audit trail for our auditors. Great product and I would highly recommend it.” Les Janeczko Manager, IT Infrastructure Fuzion Analytics

5/6/2016 "The SuperWiper Desktop unit sped up our wiping process substantially. It took me just 2 months to wipe over 100 computers working on it a few days a week". Eric Kawaler SD Analyst I, Deskside Support Services

11/22/2016 "First America Metal Corp purchased a Media Clone 8 hard drive wipe machine based on a-Scrap demo we saw at the 2016 E-Scrap show. The machine has lived up to expectations and the service provided by Ezra in learning to use and troubleshoot the equipment has been fantastic.. Recommended...". Les Bury President First America Metal Corp

3/3/2017 SuperWiper Desktop "Superior product and even better customer service. Highly recommended" Bob Lorusso, Highstreet IT solutions

6/12/2017 "MediaClone's SuperWiper has been a boon to my company's capabilities. This SuperWiper's utility has only been matched by the customer service provided by MediaClone. I have not had to use MediaClone's customer support often because of the SuperWiper's reliability- but when I do I get issue resolution in an expedient and profession manner. 10/10 will recommend to others" JJ Sepulveda IT Specialist, Infinite Electronics Recycling

3/27/2018 "Media Clone - We’ve been using our MediaClone SuperCopier for over a year now in a very intensive industrial process. Its unique connection harness made it the best fit for needs – no need to strip drives out of caddies. During that time we’ve run probably over 1000 drives through it with little or no fanfare. It does what we need without fuss. Not consumer level by any means but rather a rugged, reliable, get the job done product. We recently had some issues, were ready to repair it ourselves, but Media Clone wanted to make sure everything was up to snuff and took it in-house to fix themselves. They were extremely courteous, repairs were extremely fast, costs were very minimal and as soon as we get it back we’ll be back in business. The old ways of cloning drives one at a time are just too tedious for words. We highly recommend Media Clone and their products. Hugh Reynolds SFMTA Video Shop"

2/18/2019 "The SuperImager 8” mix NVMe + SATA ports Portable Forensic unit is a perfect solution for our Forensic investigation needs. We have already resold two of those units to our digital forensic customers, and they are very pleased with its speed, ease of use, and the accurate results that it generates. The Imager works very well, imaging a source drive to many target drives concurrently. We are recommending this unit to our customers, who stand speechless, during the demonstration…" Evyatar Nassie, Avnet Security IL

10/5/2020 "We have owned SuperWiper for years. We are confident about this product. We are able to run testing on multiple drives at the same time and run efficiently daily. This helps us to increase productivity at work" Kevin Scout Micro, NY

2/15/2021 "The SuperCopier device helps increase our productivity here at our data center and allows us to securely wipe drives that may have important data. This is crucial to our business. They also have very friendly staff who have helped me quickly when I ran into an issue.", Christopher D. Belson, CloudSouth, FL

7/14/2021 "We just bought the SuperCopier 8” Portable NVMe + SATA mix unit, and we want to thank you for the excellent support!” Alex Chappell, Systems Integrator, Nabors Drilling, TX, USA

12/9/2021 "We, at Infinite Electronics Recycling, have been using MediaClone SuperWipers for about 7 years and have always been happy with the technology and support, great equipment..." Rich Young IT Department @ Infinite Electronics Recycling, LLC

9/19/2022 " Hi Ezra, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your assistance. We had a situation where we are using your product to sanitize hard drives due to security issues. While using the product, one of the cards stopped working. While investigating internally, I found that through the change in personnel, we lost the management documentation on who to call, what products and services were needed, etc. You ended up responding promptly, and identified the exact product, and aided me in finding the precise hardware I needed to purchase to repair that device. To give you an indication on what was resolved, we were only able to sanitize about 9 hard drives per day. With the repairs and the added slots that I was able to convert over, we are now able to sanitize about 28 hard drives per day. Thank you so much for your help." Darrin Pyatt @ USAID

7/30/2023 “We have been using the SuperCopier Desktop products since 2017, and it was working great but running an old Ubuntu 16. Recently weexperienced some speed reduction with the unit, and with great help from MediaClone Tech support, we upgraded the system to Ubuntu 18, and it is now working like a new unit. Thank you MediaClone." Mario Mayorga, Accenture

3/22/2024 "The SuperWiper is an important tool in our business. It helps us clear and restore thousands of computers and hard drives that are donated to us each month. In addition, the MediaClone Team has outstanding custom service; the response times for inquiries are immediate." Mark Litwinczyk, Goodwill Industries of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties

7/12/2024 "Super customer service for SuperWiper Pro: I recently purchased SuperWiper Pro to securely erase data from my storage devices. I was very impressed with the product, but even more impressed with the customer service I received from Ezra.
I had a few questions about how to use the hardware and sofware, and Ezra was very patient and helpful in answering them. He took the time to explaineverything in detail and made sure I understood. I was also impressed with how quickly he responded to my emails. I would highly recommend SuperWiper Pro to anyone who needs to securely erase data from their storage devices. The software is easy to use and effective, and the customer service is outstanding. Here are some of the things I appreciated about Ezra's customer service:
He was very knowledgeable about the product and was able to answer all of my questions. He was patient and took the time to explain things in detail. He was responsive to my messages and always got back to me quickly. He was very professional. Overall, I had a very positive experience with Ezra and SuperWiper Pro. I would definitely recommend both to anyone looking for a secure data erasure solution." Andros Fuerntes GICSA Mexico