About MediaClone- A short introduction

MediaClone, Inc.
MediaClone was founded by two experienced and creative executives who have working in the Computer forensics and IT markets since their inception. Together, they developed and launched some of the most innovative products used by forensic and IT professionals worldwide.
MediaClone specializes in the design, manufacturing, and customization of solutions for:
1) Computer Forensics, Digital Forensics, e-Discovery, Corporate Security markets (DF)
2) Information Technology markets (IT)
3) Drive Erase and electronic recycling market
Computer Digital Forensic Solutions:
MediaClone’s SuperImager® Plus, a computer forensic line of products, is one of the best in the market today, with extreme hardware that enables one to get the most performance from digital media, easy adaptation to new technologies, and with an application that is easy to use, and provide complete forensic imaging suite.
Not like any embedded solutions, which usually have limited functionality, low performances, and no flexibility, the SuperImager® Plus line of products is a dual open OS and open platform that can be easily customized and flexible in adding some additional apps or features for specific needs. In addition, the products use the latest CPU in the market today, enabling the user to run a complete Forensic investigation in the field, from capturing the data to analyzing.
MediaClone is the leader in developing digital forensic tools and, in recent years, developed and shipped some new devices that adapt to the latest technologies, such as NVMe and Thunderbolt.
The SuperImager® Plus line of products is an all-in-one platform solution. It comes in various models, including a lab and portable field units. Portable units serve as a complete mobile Computer Forensic investigation platform that enables computer forensic investigators to capture data from multiple media sources and interfaces, at exceptionally high speeds, in the most efficient way of parallel sessions to save time. It also can serve as a platform to perform:
Forensic data analysis using third-party forensic applications, including FTK, Nuix, EnCase, Axiom, and Grayshift.
Multiple cellphone and tablet data extraction using Cellebrite, MSAB, Oxygen.
Triage data collection using an application like ADF.
Network analyzing packets using Wireshark.
RAID reconstruction and many more.
For lab use, the SuperImager® Plus Desktop solutions enable a forensic image of multiple drives at the same time up to 20 to 20 and reduce the backlog in imaging and network uploading.
IT Solutions: Innovative solutions for the IT market:
SuperWiper® data erase products are very secure and extremely fast devices that can wipe data from Hard Disk Drive, Solid State Drive, USB Storage Devices, Multi-Media-Cards, and more. The products range from heavy-duty desktop-style units, similar to those used daily by large corporations, recycling centers, and government agencies that need “sanitized” drives to a very handy and compact field unit that fits into any IT technician’s toolbox. The erase application supports DoD, Security Erase, Sanitize, and NVMe Format erase protocols.
SuperCopier® data cloning products are very efficient data duplication, cloning, and imaging units that provide cost-effective and easy-to-use tools for IT personnel. MediaClone’s drive duplicators support different interfaces, form factors, and protocols and, with their multiple ports, are the best-performing data cloning solutions available today. The products support ATA, SATA, FC, SCSI, SAS, 1394, NVMe (M.2, U.2, PCIe), and MINI PCIe storage.
Collaboration: MediaClone can be partnered with many complementary solutions and offer a wide range of mostly mobile solutions that can be customized and tailored to meet end users’ needs.
Product categories include:
1) Forensic analysis applications;
2) Forensic cellphone extraction and analyses;
3) Virus and malware applications;
4) Forensic CDR (Cellular call detail records) analysis;
5) Secure storage devices that range from small thumb size to full RAID or NAS size; and
Customization Solutions: MediaClone customizes its hardware and software solutions to meet end-user needs.

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