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ZIF Adapter to SATA Adapter USB3.0 to e-SATA adapter at speed of 3Gbs. 1.8 Inch IDE to SATA adapter
1.8" IDE to SATA Adapter
Our Price: $10.00

ZIF(zero insertion force)  IDE laptop hard disk to SATA adapter USB3.0 to e-SATA adapter at speed of 3Gbs.
convert USB3.0 port to e-SATA port
1.8 Inch IDE to SATA adapter. The user needs to connect the SATA power and the SATA data connectors with SATA power and data cables to the main units.
USB3.0 MMC reader Mini SATA(mSATA) to SATA Adapter Micro SATA to SATA Adapter
USB3.0 MMC Card reader
Our Price: $25.00
A high speed USB 3.0 MMC cards reader that can be used on any of the MediaClone line of products.
For the Computer Forensic line of products, it can be used to capture Forensic Images from multimedia memory cards in a secure environment.
mSATA to SATA adapter
Micro-SATA(9p pwr+ 7p data) Female to SATA Male (15p power+7p data) adapter. The adapter pluggs direct into a Micro-SATA drives
IDE to SATA Adapters KIT e-SATA KIT CF-19 drive adapter
IDE to SATA Adapters KIT
Our Price: $50.00
CF-30 drive adapter
Our Price: $100.00

IDE to SATA adapter. Plug IDE drives into SATA ports. Include cables and adapter, supports IDE 2.5" and 3.5" e-SATA kit:
e-SATA to SATA long nose data cable to be plugged in the fron panel e-SATA port of the main Desktop unit.
SATA split power cable, enables the user to power the drive from the SAS/SATA port

Panasonic Adapter for connecting CF-30 CF-19 CF-74 CF-52 CF-K30JG001 drive caddie to SuperImager/SuperWiper/SuperCopier units
Dell 5404 Tough Adapter TB 3.0 to TB 2.0 Adapter, Thunderbot 2.0 to 1394, and the full kit

Dell 5404 Tough Notebook to SATA Adapter.
Connect the Notebook drive caddie directly to the SuperCopier unit for cloning and erase

The Thunderbolt 3.0 to Thunderbolt 2.0 adapter can be used in different ways:
1) Directly connect the SuperImager 8" T3 Forensic Portable unit using the unit' TB 3.0 port to Mac that has TB 2.0 ports, which enable the user to capture or erase data from Mac.
2) With the use of Thunderbolt 2.0 to 1394 adapter, connect to Mac with 1394 ports for capture and erase data from Mac