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SuperImager Plus 8"  T3 Field Forensic Complete Kit with 8"  Touchscreen color LCD display and SAS/SATA-3 and USB3.0 and i7 CPU
Portable Forensic Imaging Unit with a Complete Kit; includes:
a) The SuperImager Plus 8” T3 unit with 4 SAS/SATA ports, 8 USB3.0/3.1 ports, and one Thunderbolt 3.0 port.
b) Thunderbolt 3.0 Expansion Box with M.2 NVMe controllers.
c) Dual Boot Linux/Win 10
d) Remote Capture KIT
e) 1394 Kit/MAc/Thunderbolt KIT
f) SCSI Kit
g) NVMe Complete Kit (M.2, U.2)
h) Durable rolling case, customized foam, with a multiple compartment organizer on the inside of the lid.
i) Accessories, such as adapters and cables.