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SuperCopier Desktop 8 U.2 and M.2 NVMe Ports Drive Duplicator

SuperCopier Desktop  8 NVMe SSD duplicator - multiple channel  NVMe drive duplication, cloning, imaging, erase, and format unit with extreme speed, and with multiple session operations
SuperCopier Desktop 8 NVMe SSD - A multiple NVMe SSD drive duplicators and cloning

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SuperCopier Desktop 8 NVMe ports unit is a NVMe dedicated, standalone, industrial SSD duplicator/clonner unit. The unit is extremely fast (187 Gigabit/s) and most efficient. It is built with the latest hardware technology to achieve the most efficient drive duplication, performing at a very high speed, with the ability to clone multiple drives simultaneously. The unit can be used for functions such as Cloning, Imaging, Deploy, Erase, and Drive Diagnostics of Storage Devices such as NVMe (U.2, M.2, PCIe) SSD, USB flash drives and Networking cloning (10GbE). It allows for cloning methods using bit-by-bit mirror image, Quick Copy of Partitions, Selective copy of files and folders, VHD copy, and Copy to Folder. Additionally, the user can duplicate NVMe SSD. It can be used to clone 1:7 NVMe and 1:9 USB 3.0. The application supports NVMe formatted with namespaces. No software license scheme.
Our Price: $9,500.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Product Code: SCD-0005-00A

Description Technical Specs Extended Information
The SuperCopier® Desktop 8 U.2/M.2 NVMe + 10GbE is an industrial, extremely fast at full bandwidth (187GB/min), dedicated 8 NVMe SSD drive duplicator. It enables the user to easily clone, duplicate, and erase multiple drives simultaneously. The unit is designed with desktop chassis for long durability use. It supports NVMe SSD, e-SATA drives, and USB flash drives.

The main application supports many modes of operations, such as:
1) Mirror mode: Bit by bit imaging.
2) Quick Copy: Advanced Smart Copy of Partitions.
3) VHD copy: Clone image of a virtual drive.
4) Selective Capture of Files and Folders.
5) Copy to Folder: Copy all data files from a source drive into one folder on the target drives.
6) Supports Network Cloning.
Here are some test results:
1) cloning from Samsung 128 GB NVMe SSD to WD Black 1TB NVMe SSD: 187 GB/min
2) clone + HASH from Samsung 128 GB NVMe SSD to WD Black 1TB NVMe SSD: 117 GB/min
3) Erase + Verify WD Black 1TB NVMe SSD: 130 GB/min.

The application supports data duplication from one source drive to multiple target drives, or from multiple source drives to multiple target drives in multi-sessions cloning sessions.The user can change the port's role of a taregt port from target to be source to enable running multiple simultaneous cloning sessions, like 4:4 (which mean 4 sessions of cloning from one source to one target)
The application is updated to clone Windows 10/11.

The main difference between using a product with U.2 port (and with Extension cables) vs. using M.2 port and plugging the media directly into the port:

NVMe U.2 port is more versatile and can support three types of NVMe SSD: M.2, U.2, PCIE NVMe storage controller, while M.2 port is limited to M.2 SSD.

Using the U.2 Extension cables protects the unit's NVMe port from overuse and many insertions by plugging the SSD directly into the unit's port and damaging the port. (It is easier to replace an extension cable than the interface board of a damaged port!).

Competitors that use NVMe M.2 ports are limited with their supports (Only M.2), and force the user to plug the media directly into the port.

U.2 extension cables are very durable and built with high quality and precision, and they exhibit an extreme transfer rate of over 200GB/min.

There are many cloning and imaging standalone applications; only a few are working properly!
Some NVMe solutions in the market offer limited bandwidth for NVMe ports. This unit supporting bandwidth of 240GB/min per NVMe port.
Some of the testimonials:
"The MediaClone SuperCopier Desktop unit works very well. The unit runs very fast in multiple session operations, and it is very easy to use. We have loaded many different kinds of partitions on the source drive, and the Quick Copy mode works very well cloning the source to many targets. The application supports GPT and MBR partitions with scaling and non-scaling, NTFS re-size works with different size targets, and the latest Windows 10 is very well supported.” Benny Potlog from Intel Israel

"For our purposes, being able to sanitize many drives swiftly is a serious need. We looked into several devices but they were usually made for single purposes that didn't match what we were looking for. The MediaClone SuperCopier has allowed us to speed up cleansing drives dramatically as well as clone drives. It's flexible and allows for many operations simultaneously. In the rare event of any issues, we have always received prompt support from MediaClone. The SuperCopier is very well constructed, simple to use, and reliable." Warren Smite from Prosoftnet Calabasas, CA

“We have searched for few solutions that could help us to destroy our data from retired storage and came across MediaClone SuperWiper solution. I must say, it saved us lots of time erasing individual disks so we have decided to add the Disk Duplicator solution to clone drives. IT Folks love to be able erase data with DoD formatting tool and also provide audit trail for our auditors. Great product and I would highly recommend it.” Les Janeczko Manager, IT Infrastructure Fuzion Analytics
SuperWiper Desktop 8 NVME U.2 ports how to clone
SuperCopier Desktop NVMe 8 Ports U.2 how to erase drives

Standalone, Secure, No License Scheme, NVMe SSD Drives Duplicator, Built with Extreme Performing Hardware, Heavy Duty, Easy to Use, and Very Flexible User Interface. Standalone hardware gives the user consistent performances and is the most secure solution. With no licensing scheme, it makes the solution cost-effective. In addition, it comes with free s/w updates and supports for the product's lifetime. The unit runs 24/7, 365 days of the year, with no failure.

Application Features:

• Scaling NTFS, FAT32, and EXFAT partitions.

• One of the best NTFS scaling down apps.

• Copy/Erase Bitlocker encrypted partitions.

• Win8, Win10 support.

• Supports MBR and GPT partitioning.

• S.M.A.R.T. drive's diagnostics tests.

• Read-back-verify drive test.

• Remove ATA passwords*

* some drive models

For NVMe SSD, the application Supports:

-Copy NVMe SSDs

-NVMe namespaces

-NVMe erase/format

Operation Highlights:

Hot swapping Ports: Each unit’s port is a hot swap port. When a session completes, the user can plug another drive and select it to run a new operation.

Scripting: Easy Scripting can be set and used for a repeat operation.

Reporting: Detailed logs for drive duplication and drive erase sessions.

SQL Erase Database: A collection of the erase logs, erase certificates, and drive information.

Easy Export of Erase logs and the Erase database to a USB stick or share it over a network.

Access/Control the unit remotely.

Example of a typical cloning operation:

For high volume:

NVMe SSD: clone 1 to 7 in one session.

USB 3.2: clone 1 to 9 in one session.

For a variety of source drives:

Any combination of the ports up to 4 to 4 for NVMe SSD in 4 simultaneous sessions and up to 5 to 5 for USB 3.2 flash drives in simultaneous sessions.

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